The form below is pretty self explanatory with one exception. Make sure you understand the “Property type” option as described below.

Some property types you can select in the property type section in the form below will have exclusive options:

  • Facebook

    If you select facebook you will be given 3 variations of every video to pick from when you order.  These options are custom tailored for Facebook and will not work on other services

  • Twitter, Steemit,, Youtube

    If you select Twitter, Steemit,, or Youtube your video will be custom tailored for this service.  For example if you selected twitter the bottom would say “Retweet if you agree”, if you selected youtube it would say “Share if you agree”, and steemit would say “Resteem if you agree.”

  • Other/Custom

    If you select other/custom you will always be asked what you want the bottom line to say when you order a video.

LOGO VS NO LOGO:  If you enter upload a logo that will be used as a watermark on your video, if you DO NOT upload a logo, your URL or channel name will be placed on the video as a watermark.   The watermark custom brands the video to your property and prevents people from ripping it off.

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