How to fill out the form properly!

  • Facebook Page Name

    Enter the name exactly as you see it in Facebook.

  • Facebook Page Url

    Enter the exact URL of the Facebook page, ex:

  • Page Likes

    Enter the number of likes WITHOUT commas, just enter numbers

  • Upload Logo (Optional)

    Logos are used as watermarks on your videos, if you do not provide one, text will be used

Location of Page Name


Location of Page Url


Location of Page Likes


Logos are used as watermarks on your videos. They are overlayed transparently over your video to declare ownership. If you do not provide a logo we’ll simply use the text @yourpagename as a watermark.

The form below asks for the Facebook page name, Facebook Page URL, Number of likes, and for your logo if you have one. Please make sure you enter the information correctly, this is very important!

How to fill out the form below..

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